What Do Texas Car Accident Statistics Reveal

The Texas car accident statistics of 2017 indicate that 274.58 billion miles were driven across the state. And,over 537,000 car accidents were reported. In terms of fatalities Harris,Dallas,Tarrant and Bexar were among the deadliest counties in the state. While fatalities caused by vehicular accidents have gone down in Texas since the year before,there has been a 33% increase in deaths caused in car accidents since 2010 (hurt in an auto wreck).

Top Causes for Car Accidents

A look at the Texas Department of Transportation’s report on car crash contributing factors reveals that Texans tend to speed and are not the most attentive drivers. In fact,speeding and failure to control speed,account for the most car accidents in both rural as well as urban parts of the state. Unsafe driving patterns such as failure to drive in a single lane,driving too closely and failure to yield at stop sign also cause thousands of car crashes every year.

Across the country distracted driving is fast becoming a worrying cause for car crashes. The term distracted driving refers to an activity that takes the driver’s attention off the road. The three types of distracted driving include visual,mental as well as cognitive distractions. Research indicates that texting and driving includes all three forms of distracted driving. In fact,when a driver reads or sends a text,they take their eyes off the road for as long a time period as it would take the vehicle to drive the length of a football field at about 50 mph.Texas Car Accident Statistics reveal that 19% of car crashes are caused by distracted driving. If you are driving in Texas,remember that it is illegal to read,write or send a text. The government has run several awareness campaigns such as ‘Talk,Text,Crash’ and ‘Heads up,Texas’. If you have been in a car accident,it is important that you contact a Texas car accident attorney who will ensure that you make informed choices.


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