Why Get a Lawyer for a Surrogacy Arrangement?

A surrogacy arrangement requires would-be parents to undergo a legal process to protect and preserve their rights,the rights of the surrogate,and the child. Intended parents should be aware of these legal processes and requirements before making any arrangements,since there are legal factors that can affect the surrogacy process in unexpected ways.

Why You Need a Lawyer for a Surrogacy Arrangement

The main concern of every legal agreement is it should ensure that the arrangement is fair and that the pregnancy is safe and successful. There are variables that could come into play during the process,each one playing a critical role in how well the surrogacy arrangement turns out. In every surrogacy,there are three important legal processes that have to be considered: the pre-birth arrangements,the post-birth procedures,and the surrogacy contract. Legal representation is necessary to ensure that these are covered and that the interests of all parties are protected.

Surrogacy agencies typically offer to arrange legal representation for their clients. However,hiring an independent intended parents can offer a number of advantages for the protection of would-be parents. State laws regarding surrogacy vary and many intended parents may not fully understand non-negotiable items that are required in the arrangement. The tiniest detail in these items has the potential to carry heavy social,financial,and emotional consequences later. As such,the assistance of an experienced legal professional,particularly one who understands the process is invaluable.

How a Lawyer Can Help in a Surrogacy Arrangement

A lawyer can ensure that the arrangement is legal and that the procedures follow state and federal laws and regulations. The surrogacy contract,which is the heart of the arrangement,can also be discussed with and drafted by the lawyer to cover every part of the arrangement. As such,the interests and rights of the parties,especially the intended parents and the unborn child,are protected and upheld. With the help of an attorney,parental rights can be established early on in the arrangement. This will help prevent questions about the legitimacy of the child in the future and ensure that the arrangement is completed successfully.

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